Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: angry taxpayer
Affiliation: salaried employee

April 30, 2007

basically i second previous comments:
1. a limit to market maker exemptions. Options makers should not be included.
2. NO Grandfathering of fails it IS an invitation for abuse.
3. The exceptions to delivery for the sake of liquidity are being used for larceny. in fact, there is so much liquidity in the system, we just watch as each part of economy tries to absorb excess capital... real estate, stocks, hedges, etc
4. Pre-borrowing should be the rule. "Locate" is not a substitute for actual borrowing.

SEC stop ignoring real protections for retail investors. this lack of fiduciary duty has sabotaged countless investors, companies and industries. constant oversite is needed. come out of your naive shell. opportunists abound who will try to exploit any loophole for quick personal gain. oversite with muscle or take your jump rope and go along home.
I have never felt so lacking in security from our government, as i do so now when i see our very systems within our borders have been gutted and neglected.
taxpaying workers deserve better.