Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Aurora Volkamnn N Volkmann, Mrs.
Affiliation: I was a medical lab supervisor and went to have my own business

April 30, 2007

It is is to strongly support changes in the two rules, namely:-

1) To eliminate gradnfather provision
2) To narrow option of market maker exception

Tho it was originally intended by the gov't to lend liquidity to stocks, these loopholes has robbed us investors of our hard-earned monies... the taxes the gov't. badly needS to run its programs. Why are we the victims to cough every penny when the SEC look the other way when these monsters are laughing all the way to the banks on these crimes that are done over and over? It is unbelievable that the upper ups of the gov't are not aware of the failings of the above rules. THEY HAVE BEEN IN PLACED EVER SO LONG BUT VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF THESE FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES. I am losing my hard earned money and the gov't urges us over and over to invest or save for old age. WHAT A JOKE


Thank you.