Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: anonymous investor

April 30, 2007

Believe me when I tell you I just transferred 80% of my 401K to foreign assets. Assets regulated by foreign exchanges. The same foreign exchanges that view US Markets as the laughing stock of the world with respect to clearance and settlement credibility and confidence.

There is no way I can keep my money in the US Markets when I fully believe this fraud is protected by the SEC itself, according to everything I have learned.

This is why the US Markets are losing competetive advantage. The only reason this is happening gradually is because it is covered up so well. This is why the US Market operators will continue to whine while the IPOs move offshore, while those same operators refuse to enforce the US Securities laws with respect to prompt and accurate settlement and clearance of all securities transactions. Stop blaming the slide on SarBox, that is the least of this crooked markets problems, believe me

I HATE the fact that I cannot bring myself to invest the majority of my 401K in US Companies anymore. It's like someone has hijacked my own Country, and the cops are in on it.

There's a bunch of people that need to go to prison over this whole naked short selling stock counterfeiting fraud racket. Although many will pay a dollar fine and never see the inside of a prison cell, they cannot escape hell, if they even believe in that sort of thing.

Get the handcuffs out, and do the right thing.