Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Ahmed Akhtar

April 26, 2007

The SEC has not done enough to ensure that FTDs are resolved in a matter of several days as the law clearly dictates. Companies such as Overstock have been on the list for more than 500 days -- how can that be? Naked short selling is destroying legitimate companies and causing fear amongst retail investors. In the case of Dendreon, the short interest is one of the highest around, approximately 40%. This is an innovative biotech company trying to cure cancer and it had to shelf one of its cutting-edge programs for breast cancer because of the short attack on its share price. Luckily, the stock is beginning to recover and should gradually move up after FDA approval for its prostate cancer drug. However, the fact that it had to put another drug on hold is truly sad and a great setback for patients and science. Please legally force the broker-dealers and market makers to comply with the current laws controlling FTDs. Also, please implement stricter rules to close the loopholes currently being used by these manipulative entities. Thank you.