Subject: S7-12-06

April 25, 2007

Frederick Bryant
Retired company officer from Mitsui USA

At this point I take offense to the fact that you are even asking for comments concerning REG SHO. For you to pretend to not know the amount of illegal naked shorting taking place in the market today is a an insult to concerned investors and a clear signal to your stupidity and lack of human caring.

I watched thousands of shares being rolled over today on Raser Technologies to remove it from your list. Nothing more than a slap in the face to your self regulatory organization.

My responsibility as a corporate officer was to certainly make a profit for the company but just as important was to watch out for the welfare of my employees. I have to ask, what is your responsibility? If it is to regulate a fair market than you are failing. There are millions of investors who because of 401Ks are counting on the SEC to be the watch dog for their investments. To that degree, you are totally irresponsible.

Fix the problem, eliminate the loopholes and remove grandfather clauses.