Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Dennis Smith

April 24, 2007

If your good office is at all serious regarding inquiry into this matter, demand and accept only complete transparency, not the opaque/self-serving crap passing as comments from the money changers who sold massive numbers of securities they didnt own and, thanks to Grandfather, never have to deliver. Good old Granddad not only gave the unnamed miscreants a get out of jail free card but allowed them to anonymously keep their ill-gotten gains, unreported and tax free at that. With all due diligence in, it is quite hard not to suspect certain SEC higher ups of blatant collusion with those they ostensibly regulate. The SEC might be well advised to clean up its own house before somebody in Congress wises up and sends a bulldozer.

Grandfather is a disease-ridden terminally ill disgrace on artificial life support; the SEC needs to pull the plug without further ado.

Dennis Smith
San Diego