Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Danny Don
Affiliation: engineer

April 22, 2007

Right now I own some shares of some us coporations. However, all the assurance I have right now is a few line of sentences on the my broker's website that say I own so many shares. I have no idea if those shares are being used for short or naked short selling without my consent.
I think the consequence of the naked short selling is serious enough it warrants a swift and sweeping overhaul. The nake short selling is robbing US companys of the very RD bloodline that stimulates and sustains any future growth and innovation. It will stagnate the US economy sooner or later if not already.
More importantly, I demand action to be taken to track those naked shorted sellers or institutions and punish them according to law.

A small group of highly leveraged individuals and institutions are dragging America down along with their insatiable greed. what happened to the nation that was once built on just and fairness.