Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Glen E Smith

April 11, 2007

Hey Christopher Cox and Annette Nazareth your now fuked Its over the bag is out of the hat Enjoy your time in Prison You cant stop the law suit You can deny naked shorting existed Annette Nazareth enjoy you time in prison hahaha Dont bend over to pick up the soap v Citigroup Complaint--Filestamped.pdf

Rod Young just that said:
We just released the 2nd lawsuit against Brokerage firms and Banks.26 of them. The Lawsuit was developed from evidence from the SEC.Every allegation is backed by legitimate evidence.No Lawsuit ever filed where the Plaintiff already has the evidence at the time the suit is filed.We could go to trial tomorrow with all the evidence.They had to give him all the evidence because it's the SEC's rules of procedure to do so.They had to give up the evidence because they filed to deregister Eagletech and because he wanted to defend it they had to turn it over to him.He doesnt even think they knew what was on all this evidence that they sent.All brokerage firms and banks working in concert against Eagletech.
The Brokerage firms were opening accounts under 81 different offshore accounts under the same P.O. Box.O'Quinn and Christiansen are his attorneys.They are working w/Pr firms to get this news to the Media
This could be one of the most significant cases in the securities History.We should be meeting with Barney Frank in a few weeks . The evidence shows that the biggest brokerage firms were working in concert with organized crime.This is a RICO case.Also the proof of wires going back and forth from the brokerage firms to the offshore accounts.The Evidence is the most Stunning thing you've ever seen.We are suing people that have more $ than anyone on the planet.He is Hoping the Media picks it up.The Brokerage firms and Market Makers are responsible.Anyone that has not received certs from their brokerage firm the brokerage firms are responsible not anyone else.
The 1st suit was against the firms that did the death spiral financings.This Suit is about the Biggest Brokerage firms and Banks in the world in concert with the Bad Guys.This is a RICO claim and they already have convictions of 11 people being sentenced in June.They are several that have squealed on the brokerage firms and Banks.

Also whats in the complaint is just the tip of the Iceberg.There is so much more

In the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial Circuit and for Broward County, Florida
Case # 07007880
Eagle Communications Inc, Catherine A. Broadus, Jeffery W. Broadus, and Michael Oles,


Citigroup Inc; Citibank, N.A.; Lweco Securities Corporation; Schroder Co,Inc; JP Morgan Chase Co; The Bank of New York Company; Schroder plc; Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, Smith Inc; Herzog, Heine, Geduld, LLC; Knight Equity Markets LP d/b/a Knight Securities; Man Group, plc d/b/a Man Financial, Inc; Goldman Sachs Execution Clearing LP f/k/a Spear, Leeds Kellogg and f/k/a First Options of Chicago, Inc; Prudential Equity Group LLC f/k/a Prudential Securities Incorporated; Bear Stearns Securities Corp. Inc; Ryan Co, LP d/b/a S.W. Ryan Co Inc and d/b/a Generation Capitol Associates; Grady Hatch, Co Inc; NF Clearing, Inc d/b/a Fiserv Securities, Inc; Tucker Anthony Incorporated; JE Liss Co Inc; J. Alexander Securities Inc; Madison Bank; Oscar Gruss Son Inc and 100 John Doe defendants or their nominee entities, comprising both individuals and corporations collectively