From: James L. McQueen
Sent: April 9, 2007
Subject: File No. S7-12-06

Please Note,

The counterfeiting of a United States of America Security or it's Currency is an Act of a Felony committed against the United States of America and her Citizen's.

Naked Short Selling or Long Selling, is the Act of Counterfeiting an United States of America Security.

These Acts of Naked Short Selling / Long Selling, and “Fail to Deliver” are no less significant than the counterfeiting of an United States of America Twenty Dollar Bill.

The Congress of these United States of America makes the laws that govern this great nation. The Security and Exchange Commission is NOT Empowered by the Constitution of these United States of America or by any Act of Congress too forgive the Act of Counterfeiting.

The Illegal Action of Grandfathering a “Fail to Deliver” is an illegal Treasonous action that warrants a full Congressional Investigation.

I hereby ask for a full investigation by the appointed Congressional and Senate Oversight Committee's into the illegal Grandfathering Clause.

God Bless America