Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: jay w moffett

April 9, 2007

It is time that the SEC or Congress take action to stop the looting of the stock market with illegal short selling having no penalities, just rewards, for the unscrupulous theives raping the US economy, backrupting US business, and stealing money from investors. What a shame this market has become. The pirates, thieves, those who steal, have no fear of any repercusions.

Step up, do your job and protect the investing american public instead of dragging your feet and protecting big money market makers. $2 million fine imposed against Goldman Sachs is a joke compared to how you target small companies and impose huge fines in order to bankrupt them. We know that all you are doing is protecting the naked short sellers by doing this so they will never have to cover their short positions.

Just remember who you work for and who's right you are messing with. Do the right thing with the Grandfather Clause and Reg Sho and redeem yourself as a regulitory agency or face an uprising that you will not survive.

What a joke you have become