Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Nancy Hunt

April 4, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Please know that our great country, its freedoms, and our ability to demonstrate truth, justice, and the American way, are about to be toast, in my opinion. If we don't have an honest stock market in which to believe and invest, then little else will remain standing as a result.

If the unsuspecting public knew just how corrupt the stock market has become, they would never, ever want to put their hard earned dollars in it. Why? Because of KNOWN loop holes, such as naked short selling and the illegal grandfather clause for example, have been allowed to go on and on.

I have personally invested my hard earned dollars in small, viable companies, only to see their stock prices raided via crooked tactics mostly utilized by outside sources and hedge fund operators. Companies which I and others believe in and want to be a part in honest growth for these organizations as shareholders. Yet investments made to be used for my retirement years are now nearly all GONE, thanks to what the SEC has allowed. Honestly earned income has been STOLEN from me, my friends and family, thanks to commission-sponsored loopholes and clauses, many of which have been allowed to remain open. If this had happened to you as a concerned citizen, your parents or grandparents, you would be just as upset as the rest of us victimized.

So many have relied on the SEC to do its job, but learned the hard way, after our accounts have been swindled by nefarious practices such as naked short selling and obscure clearing transactions. Then, after thieves run the stock into the ground, they are not made to cover, thanks to more loopholes. Why? For one, the SEC has turned a blind eye to the investors' plight so as to protect swindlers, as the little, non-important investors have come to realize. I can not tell you how disappointed this has become to so many, and how many have lost faith in the very department which was put in place to protect investors from crooked manipulations.

Please know this is not directed to you personally, but to your organization. If there is something you know which can be done to stop the bleeding, please do what you know is right as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your time.