Subject: File No. S7-12-06

April 4, 2007

Dear Sir's and/or Madam's

You are stalling in this criminal behavior of Market Makers and all who are involved in the crime against the American people. You forget why you are in power to stop and prevent this kind of stealing in the stock market. You must also be brought to justice for you have received money to look the other way as well as to stall on the issue of getting rid of the Grandfather Clause provision that you put in place to protect these people. You should be ordering these people to purchase the fail to deliver shares in open market,immediately. These people know exactly what they are doing and have done and so do you.

You too are criminals, the SEC house needs to be cleaned. The President Of The United States needs to step in and clean your dirty house. And put people in that will do their jobs and abid by and uphold the law.

We the people will seek that justice be done to all of you involved

Know that your little small changes in the current system will not serve as anything more than a slap on the hand to all of those who have continued to do crimes against the American people. You are trying to make sure that they do not have to pay back stollen money or pay for the crimes of causing many compaines to go out of business which in turn put many Americans out of jobs and well as taking hard earned money away from them and their families.

This has also kept many young adults from going to college because their parents tried to secure their college education by investing in the stock market that in turn only took their money and lined their own pockets, bought yahts,mansions,expensive trips and cars, etc. for them their friends and family. Oh, and don't forget the huge bonuses that were given to employees of their companies for a job well done in stealing Americas money.

The SEC is a joke, you have no guts, no balls to stand up for what is right, to do the job that you have been in trusted to do.


Vincent Dixon

P.S. The Grandfather Clause must end today