Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Nicole A Goulet, Mrs

April 4, 2007

Regulation SHO is exactly that. A "show". A comedy show and thriller. The market makers/brokers laugh at it, and the investors have nightmares with it.

To actually ALLOW illegal counterfit shares to be "grandfathered" in gave the market makers/brokers a "get out of jail free card" to continue manipulating the market and filling their pockets with stolen money from Joe Investor.

The SEC in their infinite wisdom reinforced illegal behavior by basically saying "Forget who you stole from and let's try and see if you can still get away with it THIS (SHO) way.

It is the responsibility of the SEC to remove this corrupt practice from the system. Not circumven the issue and leave it for someone else to worry about.

Naked shorting has taken money from the mouths of the small investor for years. It is time to force the hands that steal RIGHT NOW.

Use companies like CMKX (Casavant Mining) and Overstocks to "SHO" the world all the wrongdoings on those trusted to create a fair and balanced market. Do the right thing...........and do it NOW. Overturn Regulation SHO immediately.