Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: can i learn
Affiliation: investor / well sorta... see below...

April 3, 2007

i say leave it alone, let those who have the power game the system. while i don't have that power, i do have a pretty good brain and i've learned over the last few years how to play along with the scammers.

i've made more money riding the coat tails of those who are above the law then i had made before i learned the real "rules".

it's clear to me now that we need naked shorting and we need to allow market makers to move prices to their personal benefit. without them my new trading style would be suicide.

i have little worry too. i'm immune.

since you clowns at the sec are all gelded sheep, i doubt you have enough integerity left in you to make any meaningful changes. and you're so slow to act anyway it'll be years before any change is made.

by then i'll have this all down to second nature and be well rewarded. once a scam is exposed many can play along to fleece those who are clueless.

so i say thank you for being the shills you are and keep up the good work. afterall we need plenty of clueless sheep to sheer

please do not visit sites like it's those sites that threaten to clue in the clueless and reduce the population of folks to dumb to keep their money.

to sum up: GO SEC NO SEC