Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Habibullah Haider, Engr.

April 3, 2007

After about 10 years of investing/trading experience in the US stock markets and about 6 years in the penny stock arena, it is pretty clear to me that the SEC have closer to heart the interests of the wall street firms and the Market Manipulators rather than the small-time investors.

While revoking a stock they are more worried about the never-to-be future investors than those already holding long positions therein.

They are more worried about stock prices suddenly going up than tanking overnight.

They are more concerned about short-squeezes than long blood-baths.

Shame on the regulators thriving on kick-backs from the manipulators, and developing contacts for more lucrative jobs after leaving the SEC. Ex-SEC employees should be barred from joing those thug firms for a few years after exit from the SEC.

These delaying tactics are just to buy some time to devise new loopholes for designing the new regulation around them.

Mr. Cox, No matter what you do now, your organization has already lost credibility. in the eyes of the investing public and needs to be dismantled.