Subject: File No. S7-12-06

April 3, 2007

My god

What era do you think were living in ?

This isnt 1929 .We shareholders (dumb money) as wall street often calls us , caught on to this FIASCO .
This is a new age of sharing information thanks no doubt to the power of the internet .

Sooner or later the world was going to find out about this abusive practice that has crippled companies and investors alike .

The problem now YOU .....the SEC.... has allowed it to get too BIG . much to big . to the point where it cannot be mentioned in any major investment publication ,or telivision ....what a joke.

Remember without US the average investor you couldnt do this scam .

reg sho was a catastrophic failure .it was intended to be so from the very beginning .DIRTY .The grandfather clause was an idea that a third grader came up with . How long do you think it would take before companies like eagletech started suing for constitutional charges ??

you have no jurisdiction to grandfather a criminal activity .

im afraid its too late now .