Subject: File No. S7-12-06

April 2, 2007

Dear Securities Exchange Commission,

I am a shareholder of many company stocks for the last past 5 years. I have experienced great loss in the stock market due to Naked Short Selling. I feel that it is your duty to stop this kind of illigal trading in the market. I know that you get paid for every share that traded legal or illigal, but this is not the way trading is suppose to be done in America.

It is known that when a person(s)break the law then they will have to pay for their crimes, you are up holding the crimes that are going on in the stock market, this is not what your job duties intel. You must overturn REG SHO Eliminate it immediately, by putting the Grandfather Clause in place from the begining you have only helped the people involved in this kind of illigal trading to continue their crimes against america and become very rich by stilling americas money. You too should be held liable for continuing to allow this crime to gone on. You have allowed them to run companies out of business due to thier crimes of stilling money from the shareholders and companies that should have gone to support the companies with their growth.

Do you job and Eliminate the Grandfather Clause Now, immediately.

You have given these Naked Shorters a chance to stop their illigal acts, but they laugh in your face and continue with their crimes. They should pay now for their crimes by having to purchase all naked short sells in open market, although this will not break them they have had many years of stilling money illigally, it will teach them a lesson. I also feel that after they are made to purchase these shares in open market, we should look at some jail time as well after all isn't this what we do to people who commit crimes.


Patricia Dixon

P.S. Eliminate The Grandfather Clause Immediately