From: Greg Hogberg
Sent: March 31, 2007
Subject: File No. S7-12-06

To the Crooks of Wall Street and the do nothing SEC.

After demonstrated failure for more than two years with no enforcement, writing to the SEC regarding Reg SHO is a completely wasted effort. The SEC doesn’t need further Reg SHO commentary. They’re obviously just buying time. While patsy private investors write these meaningless letters, the crooks on Wall Street are left to commit the Rape of America. Investors and American Small Companies! How many investors and Small Companies have you people put out of business? How many Lives have been Destroyed? For What? GREED? How much money does one have to steel before it becomes a crime? Six trillon? Thats were we are now!

The SEC repeatedly demonstrates its prime broker bias. The interests of small companies and private investors are consistently superseded by Wall Street’s widening appetite for fraud and theft. Chairman Cox and Commissioners Nazareth, Campos, Adkins and Casey show NO INTEREST in taking any meaningful action.

IT's getting very close where this fruad is going to blow up in your face! People at the SEC. are going to start talking! ( lookin for immunity) Some of you people will be going to prison! I want your lives DESTORYED just like you have done to so many!

Greg Hogberg