Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: stewart gemmill, Mr

July 22, 2006

Everyone knows you are only fronting this amendment survey to try and save face. Since SHO came into being, everyone interested in the stockmarket has had it confirmed that your organisation is treasonous, in that everything it has said, done and intended to do, has been for the protection of the evil, white collar rats from all walks of society. But when it's over and documentaries find their way on to the internet telling the truth of the matter, you will all be exposed. You will all be imprisoned for a very long time. Yes. That's the seriousness of your crimes. You do NOT have impunity. YOU BROKE THE LAW IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY You committed treason. You let greed overide your sense of accountability. No one is above the law, and there is a terrible price to pay for serious crime - even white collar crime, and you can all jump ship all you like, because there won't be a rock you can hide under once the people know your name.

How could you? How could you be so bloody stupid? How could you let yourself believe there isn't enough people outside of the SEC who are smart enough to understand the whole nasty business of NAKED SHORT SELLING etc And let us not forget the small fries among you, don't think we won't turn on you too. You could have found a hundred different ways to let the outside world know the truth, but you didn't. You hid behind skirts. Not good enough. NONE of this nefarious business of counterfeiting shares could have gone on without your knowledge of it and your condoning of it. All you had to do, was your job.

Before you go though, sort it out.