From: Connie Miyler
Sent: March 28, 2007
Subject: File No. S7-12-06

The SEC has a responsibility to shareholders to prevent illegal and immoral conduct by the markets. Naked shorting, which is being exposed and has been allowed to run rampant, is a pox that must be stopped. “Grandfathering” in these criminals is sending a message to them that what they did was OK. Think about the people who were monetarily crushed by what they did. Retired people lost their retirement and innocent shareholders who were not suave to the ways of crooks but believed in the protection of the SEC suddenly found themselves unprotected and broke and with no recourse to recover their savings. Smalltime shareholders believed in the American way and thought to be on an even playing field with all the “big” boys. We are feeling now that the American Dream was never meant to include the middle class. If you let these criminals go without punishment or correction to the shareholders then you have told not only American shareholders but the world that our stock exchange is not trustworthy. Can we bounce back from this distrust? Sure we can. Don’t “Grandfather” in crooks. Take a stand and show us that we can continue to have faith in the stock market and our money is safe from crooks. Respectfully, Connie Miyler