Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: jeff gitt
Affiliation: none

July 21, 2006

this naked short situation has gone on for years with all the government officials knowing about the sitution and doing nothing and praying it would blow over or cover it up. Didn't happen with pressure put on by many concerned citizens and large company officers like Patrick Byrne who became so sick of the corruption of the market place and caused such a disturbance it finally awoke the policitians who couldn't hide it anymore. Have the market makers buy in the certificates they never had and bankrupted numerous fine small companies that had wonderful products that could have helped all aspects of society but went done the drain due to greed and cover-ups by market makers brokers and the SEC itself doing nothing. How do you people sleep at night doing nothing with such evidence in front of your face and allow our shareholders to get financally destroyed while greedy specialists and market makers, Hedge funds kill us all.