Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: jocheryl holcombe
Affiliation: united states citizen who invests in the stock market

July 23, 2006

we are paying attention.

the sec must start doing the job it was set up to do. the investors of our nation see and know what is happening...we know about naked shorting, we know what the hedge funds are up to... we know what the sec is doing and what you aren't doing. it is time for Sho to be inforced as it is intended, and be changed as needed.

it is time for the SEC to remember just who it's employers are....the united states are payed to do a job. there are laws against taking advantage of the position this job puts you in to take and steal money from the american people.

we are tired of this. we are disgusted, enraged and poised for action...we will not go away nor will we forget...we will not let it is way beyond that...we outnumber the evil doers...everyday we become more powerful...every day more and more of us learn of the fraud that is allowed to continue in our financial markets...every day we tell more people...every day we get more and more angry.

it is an outrage what is going on. we realize how far reaching the effects of these crimes are...they touch every part of our lives in some way. they empower our enemies and it threatens our very existance and freedom.

i implore you to do something about it...this is just a prelimenary letter, i have more to say, but just wanted to get this on the record.

something must be done...we will not rest until this is cleaned up and working as it is designed to...we have organized and are educating more and more people and will not go away.

the sooner something is done to correct these problems, the easier it will be to do so...waiting only makes us angrier and give us more time to get the word out to more people.

please do your job.