Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Allan F Treffry, Esq.
Affiliation: Attorney at Law

March 27, 2007

A comment on your continued and flagrant dereliction of duty and complicity in the Great American Train Robbery that is our stock market under your honorable oversight. Basically, I am further expressing my disgust at the ongoing delays in removing the grandfather clause from Regulation SHO. Your continued protection of the criminals is getting to be just a little old - dont you think? We Americans have been raped for decades while the criminals and globalists, who are governed by both greed and the desire to destroy America, get a free license to steal from the American investor, with the blessings of the SEC and the rest of the government.

Dont you people have one single ounce of shame? Do you have even a scintilla of faith in the concept of eternal justice and/or God? I know you are not completely stupid as all you regulators have advanced college degrees and years of experience in the field. So, what other option do we, the investors in America, have in describing your inaction and your failure to do your sworn legal duties? It is obvious - you are protecting the criminals with purposeful intent - it is that simple

We, the aggrieved investors of America, have certain legal options available to us to make the necessary changes in the market; yet in a system that is broken, those options lead down a road to nowhere. Your agency is living proof of the breakdown in the system. Either by way of ineptitude or corruption or both, you refuse to stop the criminals from stealing. Since both political parties are bought and paid for, government is leaving us with two options: 1) either sit on our hands and allow criminals to steal from us in perpetuity; or 2) take up arms and take back our government. My preference is to give you enough rope to hang yourselves with God and let Him be your judge. However, you should be conscious of the fact not all Americans look at the world with such philosophical perspectives. Throughout my travels and meeting people, I have found that you are really angering the people of this country to the point of disregarding civility. I hope you also understand that you can only push people so far before they let you know that they have had enough.

Of course, your inaction is merely a symptom of a greater evil. One only need look to our southern border and see that the politicians have sold out to the criminals and globalists. Weaken America on every front is their motto and you are merely pawns in their game. If you can not immediately get rid of the patriots in America, dilute their numbers with non-patriots so they slip into the minority. Steal from them in the markets, manipulate gold, real estate and fleece their retirement accounts. Yes, you are just small pawns in a game that is way above your head. Why do you all think that your superiors are so resistant to merely enforcing the law and doing their duty? After all, Reg SHO is really a red-herring, isnt it? There is already a 3-day delivery requirement in America and there has been since 1933-34 and before. Your inaction, continued refusal to honor your legal duties and the pretense of new regulations to stop naked shorting/counterfeiting is just another distraction and further delays in time sufficient for your real bosses get all of the loot our of the market and hide it around the world. Who do you think you are fooling? You are certainly not fooling Americans like you once did and believe me, our numbers, reflecting the newly enlightened, is growing fast.. Perhaps, if you keep up the charade long enough, you will fool yourself into believing that you are honorable public servants and that you love your country. What a ruse.

Well, in case this comment, like so many I have written, is not posted on the SEC Comments Board, I will also place this comment on Raging Bull. The SEC seems to post some of the favorable comments they get as good PR from and discard others that are detrimental to the cause. I will not freely be used in this fashion again, if I can avoid it.