Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Naked Short Seller
Affiliation: Fraud Corruption LLC

March 15, 2007

Thought I would check in to buck you guys up in the wake of this unprecedented whiny overflow of comments from chumps er, investors who want the SEC to promote a level playing field in the stock trading marketplace. Hang in there, Annette.

Just to briefly recap.....

By 2004, we naked short sellers had pretty much run the table on the modest pickins in the pink sheet marketplace and were already setting our sights on bringing down NYSE companies thru stock manipulation. (Gosh, those were and ARE heady days....) But there were rumblings....

Despite at least the beginnings of public outcry, you guys CAME THRU, passing SHO 2005 which fooled at least some of the chumps (Heh, heh, they thought it was reform) and provided a stay out of jail card for our er, prior "indiscressions" while actually not requiring us to cease acting in that manner.

So, we've had a good two years plus of unfettered market er, influence and I am writing to urge you guys to STAY STRONG Do not give in to those forces who would return the rule of law and equity to the equity marketplace Either extend the comment period indefinitely ( you've already sat on this for six months now, after a two year period of the wonderous 2005 Reg) OR just pass another feckless, er, "orderly market" Reg., and let that stand for two or three years.....

Gotta run... (We're gonna work over the Alt-A lenders this week.)

Note to Mid level SEC Reader tasked to assign comments to "A/B" status-- this is REALLY a Type "A" letter AND where the hell are all of the Type "B" letters, anyways?