Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Reginald J Keating

July 21, 2006

For years now the SEC has been lying to the people that pay them for regulating the marketplace. There is no such thing as NSS you are wrong in implying NSS is taking place in our regulated system NSS simply does not exist. Investors are just whining because the stock price declined there is no NSS that is what we are paid to prevent.

Now after all the years of denial regarding the NSS issue the SEC is admitting that there is in fact a NSS problem existing in our marketplace which is very very large and has been festering for decades and the SEC knew this all along. Isn't it strange what one will admit when one is proven one had their hand in the cookie jar and got caught. Isn't it even stranger when one knows there is a prison term waiting for them if one continues with ones deceptive greedy ways. Payback truly is a bitch and that is what you will become in prison they love your kind of soft never done a days work type in the cell after lights out. Good luck with your new cell mate bitch.

The SHO is a joke you knew it when you put it into play you were told that before the ink dried yet you continued to lie to the investing public asuring them you were monitoring the markets for them. Now you are telling those very people yet again you are going to protect them and their investment from illegal NSS you people should be ashamed to look honest people in the eye, your children must be very proud of you for allowing NSS to steal from honest hard working investors.

I have already wasted far too much of my time on this letter as it will fall on deaf ears anyway. Good luck with your new roomie Bubba you two deserve each other.


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