Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: George W Scritchfield

July 21, 2006

If these acqusations that are being made are not true please supply the reasoning for the other side of this issue. This is a road very few of us have ever gone down and we can't see what possibilities may exist on the other side of the issue. From where I sit it looks like a bunch of "fat cats" getting fatter off the little guy. If our constitution is to work and if any American's life style can improve with education and / or hard work, if that is the dream, the power in this country must stop this very blatant abuse. It is now so blatant that it has bescome arrogant. It feels like the powers that be are thumbing their noses at the little guys. Seems unAmerican but maybe we are all learning a lesson here about what America is really about? Maybe this is why we are called Capitalist pigs?
Somebody please fix this.