Subject: The Grandfather Clause for Naked Short Selling needs to be reversed

January 3, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

The act of Naked Short selling has had a detrimental effect on many small businesses in America. This act is allowing thieves to sell what they do not own with the intent of taking money from honest investors and to line their pockets with more money. The Grandfather clause has allowed them to get away with this. Those who have illegally naked short sold a stock will argue that the reversal of the grandfather clause will create a short squeeze. The reversal of the grandfather clause will in essence reverse the tide and will return some of the money these thieves have stolen from honest investors like myself. It will also reduce the risk for new companies with new technologies attempting to improve our great county, from the act of naked short selling. It is imperative that this clause is reversed. Your decision will return the integrity of the markets for the honest investor. Investors invest based on a company’s potential success. With NSS, that company does not get an honest chance to succeed and the investors loose their hard earned money because crooks have driven the stock price down. I ask you to please help return the integrity to the markets and eliminate the grandfather clause! Also, when will a decision be made regarding the reversal of the grandfather clause.

Thank you for your time,

Ryan Smith