January 2, 2007

Dear Sirs and Ms',

The SEC had no authority to implement the Illegal Grandfather Clause SHO (34-54154) Rule 203(b)(3)(i) failure to deliver securities, thereby causing them to be counterfeit shares in the market place. The SEC has created Counterfeit shares.

You work for us, you are accountable to us and we clearly want Rule 203(b)(3)(i) eliminated. No more market manipulation, no more stalling, no more delays giving the brokers and market makers time to cover at their leisure. This is unacceptable. The comments have been read, you have had ample time to respond to this issue and yet you sit in purposeful avoidance.

This is not forgiveable, illegal and contradicts the bylaws passed down by Congress in the Exchange Act of 1934. You have allowed harm to the investor and wealth to the hedge funds and ridiculous bonuses to undeserving Wall Street CEO's. I am an American citizen and investor, outraged that an agency we entrust with our money and investments, the SEC, at your hands, has failed small business and promoted big buck brokerages and market makers. How disappointed our Founding Fathers would be to see what you have turned our Free Market into.


William and Deborah Garbinski