Subject: 203(b)(3)(i) is a felony

January 2, 2007

To All Noted Above,

This is in regards to the "Elimination of the Grandfather Clause in SHO". The SEC has absolutely no right or legal means to enact such a clause!! As an American investor I am outraged that such an obvious act of a felony was even attempted. I speak not only for myself, but I would say many, many Investors, The Blatant and Obvious criminal activities of the very people that are put in place to protect us as investors MUST STOP NOW! I look forward to your response! In that response I ask that any of you involved with trying to pass this FELONIOUS action, Please explain where you get the authority to even try and impose such a clause? Please let me know as I look forward to your explanation. This clause must be removed immediately or I myself along with many others plan to hold any and all involved in the RAPE of Investors with this clause accountable for their actions! I really look forward to your response! Thank You!!

Randy Wilhoit