Subject: REL-3454154

January 2, 2007

Dear Mr. Cox;

I am writing to urge you to, without any further delay, implement REL#34-54154. After listening, once again to the Webcast of 12/04/2006, it appears obvious that your Dr. Erik Sirri does not have the best interests of the investor at heart.

Moreover, judging from his arrogant tone, I was left with the clear impression that he is against the investor completely on this subject. In my opinion, Mr. Cox, you are surrounded by incompetence, especially concerning matters of this illegal grandfather clause. For crying out loud, Annette Nazareth stated emphatically that there is no naked shorting of stocks. She added that this was just baseless arguments made by disgruntled shareholders who are watching their stocks tumble.

Well most of us knew then, and now we ALL know just how idiotic THAT statement was. Mr. Cox, please explain to me, an investor, and United States citizen and taxpayer, what gives the SEC, or any other government branch, the authorization to approve the counterfeiting of securities?

This is exactly what this illegal grandfather clause does. It turns the "failures to deliver", prior to 1/03/2005, into COUNTERFEIT Securities! I do not believe that the SEC nor any other body of government has any authority to do that. Don't you agree?

In closing, I just want to stress upon you, once again, the extreme importance of the immediate implementation of REL#34-54154. Please Mr. Cox, let's get this illegal grandfather clause repealed and buried, like we all know it should be.

Thank-you very much for your promptness on this matter.

Respectively yours,

Dan Mitchell