Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: daniel t somers

August 7, 2006

I find it difficult to write this letter because of my feeling of frustration. I have written to many people and organizations, you included and have talked to your investigators many times on the phone. I feel that there has been so much overwhelming evidence in regards to NSS issue, even the mere presence of so many stocks on the Reg. Sho list for months that one would of thought that an immediate investigation should be started before we have a full scale looting of our financial markets. What did happen was almost unspeakable and to say the least demoralizing. We rewarded those who committed a crime by not taking any ac
tion. When the SEC turned its back on the American public you sent a message to the common investor that your concern for us is non existent and that your priorities lie with the financial establishments who use the capital markets like a rigged poker game. Your fines imposed on the guilty are a joke and mean nothing to the miscreants. I have lost all faith in our market system as well as politicians who brought us to this point. You have a chance to change this debacle that can destroy our markets, I hope you have the courage to do so.
Dan Somers