Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Bruce Thompson

July 22, 2007

OK gentlemen. The time is here.

As of the close of business on Thursday 7/19/07, the open interest in Puts was 364,325 contracts. Up an additional 12,000 contracts from the previous day.

The options market makers have now officially naked shorted as many shares as the company has issued in it's entire history.

The company is required to file thousands of pages of paperwork with you folks at the SEC and spend millions in order to comply with Sarbanes Oakley. What paperwork has this options market maker filed with you? What is his financial condition? I have a right to know this information since he has issued as many ahares of NFI as the company has.

What other NYSE company has a Put hedges equal to it's entire float?

Are you ready to admit that there is manipulation going on here?

These transactions I have been posting for you in NFI have caused other investors in other companies to begin looking for the same evidence of manipulation in other companies stocks.

Senators are receiving this information every day and hearings are being scheduled. This theft of America's future is going to come to an end with or without your help.

It is time now for you folks to change sides. The status quo will not protect you in the comming storm.