From: A.H.
Sent: July 2, 2007
Subject: File No. S7-12-06

Why not take a look at (AAC)? This was's partner when naked short selling commenced on this small cap issue. If you want to see the destructive nature of illegal naked short selling launch an investigation into this issue and make an example of the dealers and hedge funds that are destroying this companies market capitalization and others like it. The same group of thugs naked short selling are exercising their right to commit fraud manipulating the share price of Ableauctions.

Stop playing the fool and do something. Ableauctions investors are not represented by the SEC.

There is no deterance on Wall Street. Bankers, managers and traders make 10s of millions every year and there is no deterance to do the right thing. Absolutely none. Either shut down the SEC or make a difference. Do not mislead the American public any longer. Raise the penalties and fines, enforce the law or shut the Commission down. If the SEC ran our military we would be getting bombed every day.


pissed of American investor