From: A.H.
Sent: July 2, 2007
Subject: File No. S7-12-06

The SEC does not properly represent investors in US markets. Our markets have zero integrity and you are to blame. Investors in US markets live under the facade that the markets outr safe when they are not largely because of your inadequacies. Shut the SEC down and let people know that the markets are wrought with manipulationa and fraud. The SEC represents Wall Street thugs only. Fines and penalties are a slap on the wrist and there is zero deterrance. Penalites and fines form viloating the law and destroying shareholder value are seen as nothing more than the costs of doing business. Reg Sho is a total joke. Naked short selling is destrpying shareholder value and the capitla markets everyday and the SEC does nothing. The recent amendments to Reg Sho are nothing more than more bologna. If the penaties and fines were harsher you WOULD NOT NEED TO MAKE AMENDMENTS. Let's see if the SEC even enforces the ridiculous new amaendments. Innovation in America comes from investment in small busineses and the SEC drastically undermines this and thus innovation.

Do something before fraud destropys American innovation. Everyone is watching you and everyone is wise to fraud in our markets. You can't have a President in a wheel chair anymore without public knowledge and you can't have the financail system controlled by thugs.

Where is the deterance? Where are the fines and penalties that matter? Where is the accountability? Where is teh SEC?

The SEC is as anti-American as Osama Bin Laden. You sit there and do nothing while crooks make a total sham of the financial markets. When you get one you slap them on the wrist.


pissed off American investor