Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: John Q Public

July 29, 2006

The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect hedge funds, naked short sellers, market makers, brokers, but not you common lowly investors, we maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation for the big boys.

As more and more first-time gullible investors turn to the markets to help secure their futures, pay for homes, and send children to college, our investor protection, day dreaming mission is more compelling than ever. It's like taking candy from babies. Dream on you lowly investors.

As our nation's securities exchanges mature into global for-profit competitors, there is even greater need for sound market de-regulation.

And the common interest of all you day dreaming Americans in a growing economy that produces jobs, improves our standard of living, and protects the value of our savings means that all of the SEC's actions for the white collar criminals must be taken with an eye toward promoting the capital formation that is necessary to sustain their economic growth. If you're a pink sheet start up company, well...........this sweet talk doesn't apply to you. 2 words, naked shorts, we will and do allow our white collar criminal, terrorists to eat you alive. Don't know how that microsoft guy got through the loop though.

The world of investing is fascinating and complex, and it can be very fruitful for us. But unlike the banking world, where deposits are guaranteed by the federal government, stocks, bonds and other securities can lose value, in fact we make sure that this happens. There are no guarantees for you simpletons. That's why investing is not a spectator sport. By far the best way for investors to protect the money they put into the securities markets is to do research and ask questions. Just don't ask the SEC questions, kapeesh We have automated responses for you if you do

The laws and rules that govern the securities industry in the United States derive from a simple and straightforward concept: all investors, whether large institutions or private individuals, should have access to certain basic facts about an investment prior to buying it, and so long as they hold it. To achieve this, the SEC requires public companies to disclose meaningful financial and other information to the public. Like we had Enron, Tyco do. This provides a common pool of knowledge for all investors to use to judge for themselves whether to buy, sell, naked short, or hold a particular security. Only through the steady flow of timely, comprehensive, and accurate information can people make sound investment decisions.

The result of this information flow is a far more active, efficient, and not so transparent capital market that facilitates the capital formation so important to our white collar criminals pockets. To insure that this objective is always being met, the SEC continually works with all major market participants, including especially the big hedge funds and naked shorters in our securities markets, to listen to their "getting caught" concerns us and we are here to turn a blind eye to their deceitfulness.

The SEC oversees the key participants in the securities world, including securities exchanges, securities brokers and dealers, investment advisors, and mutual funds, and of course Hedge Funds. Here the SEC is concerned primarily with promoting the non-disclosure of important market-related information, maintaining fair dealing for our friends, and not protecting you lowly common investors against any type of fraud.

Crucial to the SEC's effectiveness in each of these areas is its enforcement authority. Each year the SEC brings hundreds of civil enforcement actions against some individuals, (Does Martha Stewart ring a bell?), and other companies (trying to take market share away from our big boys) for any type of violation we can find of the securities laws. Typical infractions include insider trading, accounting fraud, and providing false or misleading information about securities and the companies that issue them. Although, we do allow some to skip our enforcement, especially those with "awesome people" connections. )Again we mention Enron, Tyco, etc..
After all, it was only you lowly people who lost your entire savings. By the way, we can and do create new rules to cover their asses.

One of the major sources of information on which the SEC relies to bring enforcement action is investors themselves -- another reason that educated and careful investors are so critical to the functioning of efficient markets. To help support investor education, the SEC offers the public a wealth of educational information on this Internet website, which also includes the EDGAR database of disclosure documents that public companies are required to file with the Commission. It's a front to make you think we really do care about the integrity of the markets.

Though it is the primary overseer and regulator of the U.S. securities markets, the SEC works closely with many other crooked institutions, including Congress, other federal departments and agencies, the self-regulatory organizations (e.g. the stock exchanges), state securities regulators, and various private sector organizations. In particular, the Chairman of the SEC, together with the Chairman of the Treasonous Federal Reserve, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, serves as a member of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets. We are all one happy, rich and powerful family.

By the way, SIA you're next on our list. We are not fooled by you either.

Now let's move on to more smoke.

The Laws That Govern the Securities Industry
Securities Act of 1933
Often referred to as the "truth in securities" law (I'm puking now), the Securities Act of 1933 has two basic objectives:

require that investors receive financial and other significant information concerning securities being offered for public sale and

prohibit deceit, misrepresentations, and other fraud in the sale of securities. (Unless you have lots of money and powerful connections, we have been known to look the other way.)