Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Jake K Barrett
Affiliation: Student

September 2, 2006

Although I may not be very old and am inexperienced in trading, i can realize that someone is robbing me by not giving me what I bought...meaning shares of stock. SHO is not working and that is because it allows grandfathering and the robbers continue to rob. If this were being done with American money, the dollar, they would all be in jail. Why you allow this to continue this long is beyond me. You think I will invest in such a crooked market any longer. NOT. Clean up this naked shorting mess, end grandfathering, make the crooks deliver their stock or pay us. Make SHO or it's successor have teeth and ENFORCE it.

this whole counterfeiting and naked shorting things should be really embarrassing to the SEC. You would think the SEC would want to protect me and investors, rather than the robbers of America.

If I were in charge, I would take the Hedge Funds, who are the prime culprit here, along with the market makers, go to detention for ever.... ban them from the school bus, and , make them walk to jail.....and write on the black board a million times....''I WILL NOT ROB INVESTORS ANY MORE''.

Mr Cox, Can you do that?

Respectfully Yours,

Jake Barrett,
investor in America since I was 4. More than half my life.