Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Glen E Smith
Affiliation: None

September 3, 2006

Regulations SHO is a joke and I hope all involved will eventually go to jail The SEC can go ahead and pat themselves on the back but the truth is that those in control at the SEC have been protecting the Market Makers, Hedge Funds and the Brokers. Your time is coming where justice will be handed out. You have managed to rape and pillage the American investor by naked shorting and allowing the failure to delivers to continue. Well I really could care less if you really decide to eliminate the grandfather clause or not. I personally think if you do decide to eliminate the grandfather clause then the crooks will find another way to continue with the naked (counterfeiting) shorting of stocks. We all know the SEC looks the other way and allows the DTC to get away with this. The word is out and one day those involved will pay. I hope all involved get to spend many years in Jail. I got one warning for you if you do repeal the grandfather clause. What is the SEC going to do if CMKX starts trading again. CMKX is the most Naked (Counterfeit) Shorted stock in the history of the market. Then what new law will you create in the back rooms to bring back the grandfather clause? Do what you will I got plenty of time to wait. I will be there when they arrest all those involved Game over " Got CMKX?"