Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Gerald Davis
Affiliation: Former believer in the American System of Government

July 30, 2006

-To: All SEC regulators and elected officials,

I am writing this, not because I believe my comment will have any impact as an individual statement, but to add my name to the list.

I am speaking of the growing list of Angry Americans. We, who are not just disenchanted with your support of the felons who are perpetrating these outrageous acts of theft upon our savings, and upon our futures. But we who are growing into an overwhelming tide that will inflict righteous retribution upon you for deliberately allowing this rape of America and our assets to occur.

Soon, because of internet blogs and websites, so many will have learned of your felonious actions in support of all the market miscreants, that all your guilty acts will be known and you will have nowhere to hide.

We already know this Comment Period is nothing but a sham to further your goal of obfuscating the truth, allowing the miscreants time to ruin more companies and steal more of our dollars. And we even know why. You will soon be hired by those very firms you are meant to regulate. And we are aware of the massive salaries awaiting you when you leave.

But for the first time, we know all these things and more are learning daily. And this time we are going to act. You won't be able to plead innocent. People like fired SEC enforcement attorney's are going to tell the world from congressional committees. And there are just too many letters written and e-mails mailed that have been posted to websites for you to claim further ignorance.

We WILL affect change.

Your time is coming.