Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Eric J Stevenson, Mr.

July 26, 2006

How can the S.E.C. sit back and allow the constant naked shorting of stocks. Take a look at the alternative energy sector. Is the naked shorting in the alternative energy sector being done by terrorists in an attempt to crush the chance of the U.S. getting off foreign oil? And becoming self-sufficient in the energy requirements of the U.S. to continue growth and stop feeding dollars to terrorists activities. I view it as another attempt by terrorists to destroy the U.S. economy. The longer we stay dependent upon foreign oil the higher the possibility fuel prices continue to climb skyward and stopping any chance of the U.S. gaining any solid ground. Is all you have to do is monitor one of the naked short list sites then dig and find out whom these group(s) are.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of stocks on naked short lists. If the S.E.C. allows this to continue the final outcome will be no person or businesses around the world will trust or be willing to invest dollars into America. Because our market monitors are not doing their job of protecting against such activities. In my opinion the only thing happening here is the S.E.C. is turning their heads the other way.