Subject: File No. S7-12-06
From: Carl Kiefer, Jr.
Affiliation: Individual Investor

August 11, 2006

Over a period of time now, I have taken much time to write, call and convey my serious concerns surrounding the grave consequences to a U.S. Financial System that has run amok. Names like Senator Shelby, Senator Hatch, Commissioner Glassman-your only economist who was just promoted to the Commerce Department, Chairman Cox, and others, have so far chosen to ignore me without even a reply letter.

It would appear that, doing the business of the people for which one is paid to do isn't important to them. As a business person, I should take the concerns of my customers just as cavalierly to see how that might work out. Fortunately, I am somewhat wise to know, how destructive a policy like that would be in advance.

Sometimes though, I have heard via the vastly tainted media conduits, my exact words come back to haunt me. For example, when Chairman Cox was saying, "nobody is above the law," during the Cramer "BULL" incident, while at the same time that, his actions up until today, have been non-existent at best.

I won't bore all of you with the technicalities that comprise the important "issues" at hand, mostly, because people much smarter than I, like Patrick Byrne, and other crusaders at have already done the heavy lifting. The FACTS which they provide are the truth. Stop dodging them, and by all means, stop lying to and pacifying the mass marketplace.

Fix our system to the extent that "sales of goods, i.e., paper stock" are matched with proper "delivery" of those shares"

No more "locating" rule semantics, etc.

Nothing less than "tangible" delivery is tolerable, reasonable, fair, acceptable or LEGAL TENDER.

Now, please take care of the business of the people who have entrusted the proper "authority" into your hands.

Your brothers and sisters across this Great Nation, America, are counting on all of you to do so, lest we won't be a great nation any longer.