Subject: File No. S7-11-13
From: Steven J Sutton

February 19, 2014

The JOBS ACT proposed guidelines for small investors is a very good program which will allow just that: small investors to be part of a very big thing: real estate. As with every investment, there are risks. And as long as those risks are spelled out in the offerings, then it is up to the investor to decide if how much they will invest in a particular property. There are many types of real estate investments that can be made, which also provides any small (or other investor) with a wide range of investment flow to choose from. So be it an apartment building or skyscraper, it is now available to just about everyone.
The goal behind just about every real estate investment is: cash flow, return on investment, and upside when properties trade ownership. It should no longer be limited to only those that have the real estate savvy, but open to those that do not have a clue about the real estate market and do know that it is one of the best investments since the beginning of time.