Subject: File No. S7-11-10
From: Norris W Beach

May 26, 2010

I submitted some input previosly but neglected an item which as a small citizen investor creates a market with risk multipliers that adversely affect us personal investors trying to stay invested in our equity market.

Large private equity entities and mutual funds are able to create immense fluctuations in a heartbeat through use of ETFs with 2X and 3X short and long plays executed in the billions of dollars per trade. This appears to have been the cause for several of my net long (small as I am not wealthy) positions losses in what appears to be a nanosecond due to the big houses program execution.

These leveraged trades destroy my confidence in owning anything but megacap stocks which can withstand these attacks.

I hope that new rules will include some elimination of these investment vehicles so the average investor can feel some sense of safety in participation in the full breadth of market opportunities.

Please help us little guys participate with a sense that the rules are fair for all.

Thanks for your efforts.

I applaud your increase in market surveillance and the results which are becoming apparent and add to my feeling that you are working hard to level the playing field and prosecute the malefactors.

N. W. Beach