Subject: File No. S7-11-09
From: Donald G. Lee

July 3, 2009

To: SEC rulemaking official(s)

Re: S7-11-09

To whom it may concern,

It is not possible or desirable to wring all risk out of investing.

Money market funds are a higher risk option for liquid cash available to investors. I have numerous options for my liquid cash, and can choose higher or lower risk and higher or lower purported return based on my preferences and risk tolerance. This is as it should be. Money market funds are not "guaranteed". I know this. Other investors should know this as well.

This proposed rule will have the net effect of foreclosing some of the options available to me in the array of money market funds. My potential losses may be reduced, but so will my returns. I want to be able to make these choices myself, not have the SEC declare illegal those funds that it decides are "too risky".

I object to the SEC foreclosing these options to me. This is not the job of the SEC, and I object to the rule.

In the end, the ultimate aim of the regulation is to "protect" the consumer and investor. This goal will be frustrated, because it will reduce the incentive of individual investors to perform due diligence on their money market deposits. Such inattentiveness will overwhelm any effort that the SEC may exert to ensure absolute safety.

Please do not enact these rules.

Don Lee
Eagan, MN