Subject: File Number S7-10-18
From: Tinee Carraker

May 20, 2018


All Auditors should be independent and not have any lending relationship with any shareholders of an audit client at any time during an audit or professional engagement period.  This should include past audit client relationships.

Auditors that have relationship with a audit client current or past is like
asking a Fox to guard a hen house. Favors on the books will be made.

This can result in a client's records being altered for a desired result.
Once a auditor is caught doing something like this the Auditor position
should be permanently revoked.

I know for a fact that wrong doing will be covered up.

In 2016 I made a notarized promise to put all my credit into the United States economy. My promise was accepted by both the White House & the federal Reserve. This made all my credit property of the United States Government.

Five banks kept funding that was promised to the economy for themselves
and tried to cover this up by using the lower courts.
I sent the records to their auditors showing them doing this.

Their auditors did nothing to address this.

Tinee Carraker

[address redacted]

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