Subject: File No. S7-10-10
From: Allison Chen

April 19, 2010

I am for this proposal. I am new to the investing world and have been somewhat scared off. I recently read the book "Confessions of a Street Addict" by Jim Cramer. In the book, he talked about how large players can take down their competitors by selling short everything their competitors own.

I am scared to know that I am just an individual investor and how I can survive in the large players' game. I am scared that these large players are gaming, rather than taking the corporates whose stocks are trading in the exchanges seriously.

I also have some observation through my personal experience. I always place limit buy/sell order and the bid/ask prices I enter are the most up-to-date trading prices. My observation through trading C (Citigroup) is that:

It always takes like 2 second for my buy limit order to be executed. However, it takes more than minutes and minutes for my sell limit order to be executed. Odd thing is...every time when my sell limit order got executed, the ask price moves up to the next price level

With the recent SEC charges again Goldman Saches, coupled with my limited reading and investing experience and observation, I am totally for this proposal to promote fairness in the financial market in the U.S.

I am very grateful that the U.S. government listens and takes care of ordinary people.

Thank you.