Subject: File No. S7-10-10
From: robert j moore
Affiliation: none

May 7, 2010

The SEC has allowed what is supposed to be an investment vehicle(the market)turned into a casino by catering to big traders, day traders, flash traders etc. If you would slow down the market by not allowing an exit from a trade
for a certain time period I believe a more orderly market would prevail.
The counter argument will be that liquity will be lost. That is a B.S. argument because the liquity they are talking about is someones pension or 401k plan.
Under the present system wall streets God given right to make money at the expense of main street has played well with Gov. agencies.
I believe your focus has been to look after the privileged
few at the expense of the many.
The credability of the Gov. is almost non-existant.