Subject: File No. S7-10-10
From: Mary Lou Thomas

April 27, 2010

It is clear that the United States financial market has experienced rapid transformation within the past years. During the recession, major investment banks have shown their true colors when it comes to the topic of conflict of interests. I believe that this proposed large trading reporting system could significantly benefit our countrys economy and markets. I am very surprised that the SEC has not been regulating trade like this already however, I am confident that this proposed reporting system will help our countrys problems with various conflicts of interests in large companies. The markets are extremely volatile and anything can happen on a days notice, but with this proposed reporting system, the SEC will be able to track and collect data throughout the markets and help predict the markets actions. The current system they have in place called EBS (Electronic Blue Sheets) is very efficient but when it comes to large trading it cannot analyze the large stocks during peak volume periods. The large trading report system can help the SEC regulate and monitor the impact of securities transactions on the securities markets and can also assist in the enforcement of federal laws. Evidently, this proposal should be passed and be put to use as soon as possible there is so much potential good that can be done from this reporting system as well as helping to enforce the federal laws on trader transactions.