Comments on S7-19-03

Subject: Re: File No. S7-10-09, Release No. 34-60089, Items 401(Regulation SK and 407)

September 11, 2009

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F Street, NE Washington, DC 20549-1090
Re: File No. S7-10-09
Release No. 34-60089
Items 401(Regulation SK and 407)

Re: Enhanced Director and Nominee Disclosure

As a director of a corporate director and former corporate executive, I support diversity disclosure of nominees as well as the diverse make-up of directors in the list of elements required by the SEC in the filings of publicly traded companies.

Reporting greater diversity in the boardroom ultimately is the corporate community's responsibility. The lack of Diversity Best Practices into the corporate boardroom contributes to lost market share by U.S. companies in today's diverse global economy. This lack of diversity has also contributed to group think and poor decisions regarding strategy and corporate ethics.


Kathleen Flanagan
Leadership Communication Inc.