Subject: s7-10-09

August 14, 2009

Ms. Elizabeth Murphy
Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F Street, NE
Washington, D.C.. 20549-1090

Dear Ms. Murphy,

While listening to the radio yesterday, something caught my attention. There was a commercial talking about the shareholder proxy access rule. Although I do not own a large business, I am concerned about how this rule change would affect my small home business in which I make and sell jewelry.

For almost half a year now, I have been making jewelry from my home for extra income. I depend on larger manufacturers and companies for my materials. If these companies are taken over by those who do not know how to run a business properly, and only have power through buying shares, our country will be heading straight for disaster. People like me who depend on publicly traded companies could suffer the consequences.

The shareholder proxy access rule change opens the door for more economic depression, government interference, and outsider takeovers. The commercial on the radio stressed the importance of more rights in the private sector, as all American business owners deserve. I do not want to see any more suffering among the American public and therefore feel that this rule should not be changed. It truly sounds like another ploy for government intervention and outside control. More government interference is not something this country can withstand.

Thank you,

Jammi Fincher