Subject: File No. S7-09-13
From: Ryan S Taylor
Affiliation: Crowdfunder

October 24, 2013

If I can spend my entire salary on penny stocks or at the casino, why can't I spend it on a project I believe in? I think these rules are good except for the limits. Some projects require more than a million dollars to get off the ground, and telling me I can't spend more than a couple thousand seems like overreach. Sure, check up on these companies, hold them responsible, but don't tell me I can't give a sizable sum of money if I want to.

A perfect example of a project that requires more than a million annually is Star Citizen ( In just over a year, they have raised $24 million. All crowdfunders are included in the development cycle, and their ideas are often incorporated into the final project. This project is crowdfunded because the traditional route would produce an inferior product.